How do i clean wood floors with white vinegar&water?

Answer Mix one cup of distilled white vinegar with 10 cups of warm water in a bucket, according to "Green Cleaners" from Oregon's Metro city government. Apply this mixture to your wood floor with a damp m... Read More »

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How to Clean Wood Paneling & Wood Floors?

Most of the surfaces in your home need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking like new. For example, you might think that wood paneling wouldn't need to be cleaned very often. Howeve... Read More »

How do i paint wood floors white?

Preparing the Floor for PaintClean the wood floor thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and broom to ensure all dust and dirt particles are removed completely. Wipe down the entire floor to remove all o... Read More »

How to Paint Wood Floors White?

Wood floors look strikingly beautiful when they are brand new. Unfortunately, over time, these floors can begin to show the weathered signs of long-term duress. If you would like to rejuvenate your... Read More »

What do you use to clean wood floors?

Determine what is safe to clean your wood floor based on the floor's finish. If you have a sound finish, meaning water floats on top of the wood, water-based cleaners and waxes are safe to use. If ... Read More »