How do i clean with a dust mop?

Answer Hold the broom in front of you with the dust mop head on the floor. Push the mop in front of you, using the pivoting handle to push the mop head under furniture and around obstacles.Allow dirt, tra... Read More »

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How to Clean Brake Dust?

Brake dust is usually caused by brake pads. Normal brake usage causes flakes of metal, Kevlar or other monofilament carbon fibers to collect around the brake components and an automobile's wheels. ... Read More »

How to Clean Dust Out of a PS3 FAT Disk?

Over time, dust fills up the PlayStation 3 (PS3) hard drive, which may slow the down console. Every PS3 has a fan that keeps the hard drive cool and prevents overheating, which will damage the cons... Read More »

How to Clean Dust Mop Slippers?

Dust mop slippers slip over the head of your dust mop and are made of soft cloth fibers designed to remove dust from hard floor surfaces without scratching the floor. These fibers are absorbent and... Read More »

How to Use Canned Air to Clean Dust From a PS3?

Canned air is a tool commonly found in both hardware stores and electronics stores. Using the nozzle that comes with the can, you can blow compressed air into the inner workings of an electronic de... Read More »