How do i clean the inside of my computer?

Answer Although cleaning the inside of a computer is generally unnecessary, in areas that have a lot of dust or may be exposed to insects, it is a wise idea to open the case every now and then and give th... Read More »

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How to Clean the Inside of a Computer?

This dusty fan is in dire need of cleaning.Is your computer making noises or humming? Is dust collecting visibly on the external fan surface? Have you gone more than two months without cleaning the... Read More »

Are you supposed to clean the inside of your computer?

If your not squeamish about taking the case off it would not hurt to get a can of air and blow out the inside once in a while. If the chips get to much dust (and it takes a lot) on them they could... Read More »

How to Clean the Inside of a Dell Dimension 5150 Computer Case?

These are instructions for cleaning the inside of a Dell Dimension 5150 computer case. For Dimension 5150, there are some differences inside of the case compared with other computers. This article ... Read More »

If I vacuumed inside my desktop computer case, is my computer's motherboard fried?

ESD =Electro Static Discharge can damage a motherboard and all of its components static doesn't seem like much to us as humans but for those tiny components its like lightning so you could have ver... Read More »