How do i clean ps2 games at home?

Answer Hold the disc around its outer edges without touching the bottom side of the disc. Wipe the disc using a soft microfiber cloth from the center outward without applying any pressure.Rinse the disc u... Read More »

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How do i clear out my home and make it into a clean spacious home?

www.flylady.netBABY steps. Your house didn't get this way in a day, so you can't expect a miracle!

How to Clean PS2 Games?

Playstation games are handled frequently, and are often left out of the case. They get smudged, fingerprinted, and dusty. Follow this simple method with the tools you have around the house to make ... Read More »

How to Clean NES Games?

Let's say you are feeling nostalgic. You go to your closet and pull out that old NES and hook it all up. You put in the game and turn on the system, but it doesn't work. You try everything from ban... Read More »

How do I clean dirty PS2 games?

Wash and dry your hands before handling the disc. Remove the disc from its protective case, holding it carefully by the outer edges without touching the shiny side. Wipe the disc from the center ci... Read More »