How do i clean pendleton wool blankets?

Answer Read the LabelPendleton wool blankets are either washable or "dry clean only." It's important to note the difference; if you wash a blanket that is "dry clean only," the blanket will shrink and the... Read More »

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How to Clean a Pendleton Wool Blanket?

The Pendleton Wool Mills company began producing Native American-style woolen blankets in 1895. Today the company operates more than 70 stores in the United States and ships its blankets around the... Read More »

How do I clean wool blankets?

Review the Care TagRead the care tag on your wool blanket before you fill your washing machine with any water or detergent. If the blanket says, "dry-clean only," do not try to machine wash or dry ... Read More »

How to Repair a Pendleton Wool Blanket?

Pendleton blankets are designed to hold up to normal wear and tear, and to last a lifetime. Accidents do happen, though, and if your wool blanket is damaged, prompt attention is required. The longe... Read More »

How do I launder wool blankets?

Read LabelsRead all labels on your woolen blankets. Some blankets prohibit water washing and require dry cleaning only. Weigh your blanket to assure your washing machine capacity is high enough. If... Read More »