How do i clean old dirty beanie babies?

Answer Hand WashMix a drop or two of liquid dish soap in a bucket or sink with a gallon of warm water. Place the Beanie Baby in the soapy water. Use a soft cloth to scrub the Beanie Baby with the soapy mi... Read More »

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What is a good way to clean Beanie Babies?

Redcorn say that if they mostly just dusty, you can put in dryer on lowest setting with a fabric softener sheet, and this will clean them of all the dust... no need to washy.. Me've done this wit... Read More »

How did beanie babies start?

Beanie Babies were made by Ty Warner and sold through his company Ty Warner, Inc. The company was later renamed Ty, Inc. The original nine Beanie Babies were introduced at the World Toy Fair in 199... Read More »

How do I buy Beanie Babies in bulk?

Buying Beanie Babies in bulk is very simple, and in fact, you can make your purchase direct from many online dealers. As long as you have a secure Internet connection and your credit card ready, it... Read More »

How do I put Beanie Babies in the washer?

Wash Beanie Babies By HandGently wash the Beanie Babies in a large bucket. The bucket should contain a solution of delicate wash detergent and warm water. Follow the instructions on the back of t... Read More »