How do i clean my VHS tape?

Answer The best way is to very carefully clean the tape with a soft cloth (e.g., a lens cloth) and a solution of mild soapy water, followed by a water rinse. Do not scrub too hard, as you may damage the m... Read More »

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How to Clean the Tape Deck in a Car?

If your car has a tape deck, you should clean it regularly for optimal sound and performance. Dirt and dust can build up on the heads and cause a loss in quality. It is not always possible to reach... Read More »

How do I clean tape residue from tile?

Wash your tiles with a homemade cleaning solution. Mix together 1 gallon warm water and 1/4 cup household vinegar in a bucket. If you are cleaning a tile floor, dip a mop in the bucket and scrub th... Read More »

How do I clean carpet tape off tile?

White VinegarPeel up as much of the carpet tape from the tile as possible with your fingers. Soak rags in a mixture of one part water and two parts white vinegar in a bucket or sink. Wring out the ... Read More »

How to Clean Your Skateboard's Grip Tape?

Want to clean your skateboards griptape ,then follow the instructions below