How do i clean hot water tanks?

Answer Prepare the TankShut off the electricity or gas supply to the hot water heater, as well as the cold water supply. Attach a garden hose to the tank's drain valve and place the other end of the hose ... Read More »

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How do I clean hard water stains from hot water tanks?

Lemon JuiceTurn off your hot water tank, and let it cool for at least an hour before attempting any hard water stain removal methods. Pour a small amount of lemon juice on a clean rag or sponge. Sc... Read More »

How do I clean water cooler tanks?

Empty any water that is currently in the water cooler tank. Fill the tank halfway with hot water, 1 squirt dish soap and 1/4 cup white vinegar. Hold your hand over the tank opening and shake vigoro... Read More »

How to Clean Rusty Fuel Tanks With Salt Water?

Metal is naturally prone to rust, and if the rust is not properly dealt with, it will eventually cause the metal to corrode and deteriorate. Gas tanks present a challenge because rust forms on the ... Read More »

How to Clean Gas Tanks?

Car restoration has never been more popular, and with the rising costs of automobile repair, more people than ever are taking car matters into their own hands. In either of these cases, you may ne... Read More »