How do i clean finger marks off my lap top computer screen?

Answer nothing much. a clean cloth would do.dont apply too much pressure, and dont use water!!!! use a dry cloth

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My 30 foot deep well has bloody finger scrape marks all down the inside. How to clean?

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What should i use to clean my lcd monitor screen, as i have a few finger prints and dont want to damage it?

There are special sprays and wipes you can use. Your local computer store should sell these. Do not use soaps, alcohol, or anything else.

Why do those swirls appear around your finger when you touch a computer screen?

thank you for making my day. i haven't laughed so hard in a week.if you really want the tech on this here it goes....what you are looking at is at first glance is a simple piece of plastic sheet, t... Read More »

I have a LCD monitor on my computer and it has finger prints all over it what should I clean it with?