How do i clean coffee spills on carpet?

Answer Absorb as much of the coffee as possible, using paper towel or a clean towel. Press the towel into the stain, applying pressure to draw the liquid out of the carpet until the carpet feels almost dr... Read More »

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Why is it after i clean the kitchen tops, when i then make a coffee, it spills or sugar falls off the spoon?

Boy! I have paid for the wages for the bounty paper towel co.! I spill everything! It is just part of life!

How to Clean Coffee on a Berber Carpet?

Although Berber carpet is durable to foot traffic and will stay attractive for years, it will succumb to unsightly stains if you spill coffee on it. You will be most successful removing coffee stai... Read More »

How do I clean spilled coffee from carpet?

Absorb the StainUse a paper towel or cleaning cloth to soak up as much of the spilled coffee as possible. Gently blot the stain to avoid forcing the coffee deeper into the carpet fibers.Flush the A... Read More »

Will homeowner's insurance cover the cost of replacing carpeting if a hired painter spills paint and ruins the carpet?

Answer Typically your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for poor workmanship or for hired labor. Accidental damage caused by your contractor is the responsibility and liability of the ... Read More »