How do i clean asbestos floor tiles?

Answer Cleaning asbestos floors is not the a bio-hazard situation, as long as you are not scratching the floor or breaking tiles in the process. In fact, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection s... Read More »

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Can I paint over asbestos floor tiles?

The preferred method of dealing with asbestos tiles is to have a certified asbestos abatement contractor remove it or to encapsulate it. Encapsulating tile could be accomplished by sealing, priming... Read More »

How Dangerous is Asbestos in Floor Tiles?

On One Hand: It is Generally Not DangerousThe asbestos fibers are bound within the tile itself. The fibers are only dangerous when they are released in the air and can be inhaled.On the Other: Rele... Read More »

What year did they make asbestos floor tiles?

Floor tiles containing asbestos were made every year, and current rules still permit the use of asbestos in vinyl floor tiles. In 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of asbest... Read More »

How dangerous are broken asbestos floor tiles?

On One Hand: Broken Tile Can Be a RiskWhenever products containing asbestos are disturbed---such as by foot traffic---the tiny fibers can be released into the air. From there, asbestos from broken ... Read More »