How do i clean an orange soda stain from a wood table?

Answer Wood can be a very aesthetically pleasing material for kitchen furniture but one of the challenges in using it is coping with spills and stains. Soda stains can be very common kitchen nuisances and... Read More »

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How to Remove a Red Wine Stain Ring from a Wood Table?

When red wine spills on a wood table, it should be dealt with right away as the stain can easily set in. But even an old red wine stain ring can be removed from your wood table by following the rem... Read More »

How to Clean Black Mold Stains From an Outdoor Wood Table?

Black mold is from the fungus family and it thrives in conditions that include warmth and moisture. Outdoor wood furniture that's exposed to warm, moist conditions is a prime candidate for the grow... Read More »

How can you get rubbing alcohol stain out of wood table?

Believe it or not, ammonia! Dampen a cloth with the ammonia and rub the stain, then polish. I had rubbing alcohol spills all over a dresser and this removed them!

How to Clean a Wood Kitchen Table?

A kitchen table made of wood is a popular, classic choice found in many homes. The wood creates a timeless appeal that works well with many decor styles. When incorrect cleaning products are used, ... Read More »