How do i clean a wooden clarinet?

Answer Maintenance and care of a wooden clarinet is integral to keeping the instrument in proper working order. Wooden clarinets are especially susceptible to needing repairs if they are not cared for and... Read More »

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How to Clean Your Clarinet?

Cleaning your clarinet is easy and doesn't require a lot of work. Here's how:

How to Clean Your Clarinet's Mouthpiece?

After you've been playing your clarinet for awhile, you will see crusty white stuff and/or gunky brown stuff building up on your mouthpiece. The white stuff is mostly a calcium deposit, and you don... Read More »

How to Clean and Maintain a Clarinet?

When you are finished playing your clarinet, and you are ready to store it in the case, the clarinet should be properly cleaned. This removes saliva that gets inside the instrument from when it was... Read More »

How do I clean wooden blocks?

Wipe the wooden blocks with a dry cloth to remove loose dust. Pour a bit of warm water onto the cloth, and wipe away sticky residue. Disinfect the toys by filling the sink or a basin with a bleach ... Read More »