How do i check through luggage when changing airlines?

Answer Airline AlliancesTravellers making one or more connecting flights must verify at the time of check-in if their baggage will be transferred automatically to the connecting airplane, or if they must ... Read More »

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How much luggage can you check in at United Airlines?

United Airlines typically allows two checked bags on its flights. First Class ticket holders and certain frequent fliers can check three bags. United also allows excess checked bags, subject to spa... Read More »

How many check-in luggage items can you have for Horizon Airlines?

There is no limit to the number of checked-in luggage items for Horizon Airlines flights; however, there is a $20 charge for each of the first three items checked in by regular passengers. The char... Read More »

Where does lost luggage go from airlines?

Although airlines almost never lose luggage, those pieces that slip through the cracks end up at a baggage claim in Scottsboro, Alabama, at the Unclaimed Baggage Center, according to CNN. There, th... Read More »

How do I measure luggage for airlines?

Before You LeaveBefore you leave for the airport, make sure you check your airline's requirements on luggage. Although each airliner has different luggage allowance and size policies, a general rul... Read More »