How do i check how much RAM is on my computer?

Answer I believe what your actually looking for is Hard Drive Space. The easiest way to see how much hard drive space is available on your computer is: -click on My Computer-Right Click on the drive (usua... Read More »

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How do I check how much memory I have left on my computer?

Right click the task bar, select "Task Manager".Then in the "Performance Tab", there's a section called "Physical Memory" that includes available memory.BTW, it seems like half the people answering... Read More »

I oftenly have my computer perform Disk check is it healthy for the computer?

You don't need to do it very often and it does not hurt computer.

How to Check Computer RAM?

Users of Windows, Linux or MAC X computer operating systems can learn how to check computer RAM (random access memory) to determine if the computer has enough memory to run certain programs or mult... Read More »

How to Check a Computer CPU?

A central processing unit (CPU) carries out the calculations required to make a computer run. CPUs can have a large impact on computer performance and which programs a computer will be able to run.... Read More »