How do i check for new messages on a blackberry?

Answer Check for MessageView the home screen of your phone. If there is an envelope icon at the top, that indicates a new message has been received. The envelope will also have a number next to it indicat... Read More »

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How to Save Your Blackberry Sent Messages?

Using a Blackberry phone/email device is great, but the device's limited memory doesn't allow for effective archiving of sent messages when using Blackberry Internet Services (BIS). (BIS is differe... Read More »

How to Save Messages From a BlackBerry to a PC?

Many corporate BlackBerry users are bound by company policy regarding how their email is handled and archived. The email server, along with the installed client, such as Microsoft Exchange with Mic... Read More »

How to Delete Multiple Messages on a BlackBerry?

Email and messaging are two of the main purposes of a BlackBerry smartphone, but if your messaging inbox becomes too full, it can make using the messaging feature difficult. While you could delete ... Read More »

How to Scroll to the Top of Messages on a BlackBerry Bold?

Sorting through numerous messages can be a tedious task on the Bold, especially if your inbox is overflowing. While scrolling from message to message certainly gives your trackball -- and your fing... Read More »