How do i change the ubuntu grub boot menu order?

Answer Install Startup ManagerBeginning with Ubuntu 9.10, the GRUB boot manager has been upgraded and now includes a graphical user interface, for managing the configuration of GRUB, called Startup Manage... Read More »

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How do I change the Grub boot menu order?

Open a TerminalClick "Applications," click "Accessories" or "System Tools," depending on your Linux distribution, and click "Terminal." Type "cd /etc/grub.d/" into the Terminal window, and press "E... Read More »

How to Change Boot Order in Ubuntu?

If you have multiple operating systems installed on a single computer, or if you have multiple kernels installed for the Ubuntu operating system, boot order is important. The boot order defines how... Read More »

How do I install Ubuntu 8.04 to my computer on a seperate partition but without the grub boot loader?

Have you tried Wubi? You can install Ubuntu 8.04 just by downloading Wubi. There is no need to burn a CD, just download Wubi and click the Wubi installer icon on your computer and follow the instru... Read More »

How to Access the Bios, Grub Boot Menu and Bash Shell of a Data Domain Appliance?

The BIOS and Grub boot menu of Data Domain Appliances are protected by passwords. Even though the Data Domain Appliance runs Linux, you can't usually access a real shell. You are limited to Data Do... Read More »