How do i change the resolution settings on my PS3 from HDMI to AV cable?

Answer Power off your PS3 from behind, then power it back on, wait about 20 seconds then hold down the reset button untill it turns off. Then power it back on using the button in the front, this will rese... Read More »

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How can i change my screen resolution when i go into my display settings it is set to low but i cant change it?

if xp doesn't allow you to change it is because your graphics adaptor doesn't support deeper resolutions.

Cheap hdmi cable or expensive hdmi cable does the quality make a difference?

HDMI is digital. it makes no difference at all.Traditional (S-video, Scart, compnent etc) are analogue, and yes it makes a big difference to get a reasonable (not 100's of pounds but tens) cable.T... Read More »

How do I change resolution on comcast digital cable?

If this is a Motorola HD box, turn the power to the box off and then hit menu on your remote. I can set my TV to stretch the picture from one source but not for another. Be sure when you switch to ... Read More »

Is there any difference in audio or video quality if i use a $10 HDMI cable against the $100 HDMI cable?

There is no difference. I have a Playstation 3 hooked up to a 42" Sony LCD TV and I used the cheapest HDMI available at Best Buy (around $20). The audio and visual clarity is flawless. Absolutel... Read More »