How do i change the brightness on my computer?

Answer It has nothing to do with the computer. It's all about the monitor.Most monitors have a button to bring up it's on-screen display. You then have some buttons that go up or down a menu. You'll ha... Read More »

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How do I change a computer screen's brightness?

Desktop MonitorLook for a button, or several, usually located on the front or bottom of the monitor. If there is one button, press on the sides of the button to go up and down and make changes. If ... Read More »

Computer brightness?

hi bratty, i would recommend that you go for performance so lets hit start>settings>control panel then hit the display icon and go to advanced and set your resolutions1280x1024 it will ask you do y... Read More »

How do I fix the brightness of my computer monitor?

You may be able to set it with your video card.Right click on your desktop,click settings,then advanced.It should be there somewhere if it's available.

How to Control the Brightness of Your Computer With Windows 7?

Your brightness getting in the way of your work, your spy mission, or any other occasion. Well shorten the light with the power of the Control Panel.