How do i change my tumblr dashboard background?

Answer…choose the one you want and download it :)

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How to Change a Tumblr Dashboard Without Installing?

If you are tired of looking at the default Tumblr user interface, known as the Dashboard, you can change its appearance. No one else sees your Dashboard, so you will be the only person to see any c... Read More »

How do I change my tumblr background to an image, with the Vacant theme?

The theme probably just doesn't let you change it to a picture. It's a pain, I know. Most tumblr themes don't have everything that other themes have. You can play with the HTML and see if you could... Read More »

How do you change the colour of the highlighted part (tumblr background)?

Sorry. Your link goes to a login page.Ron

How do I get back the old tumblr dashboard?

For right now, there isn't a way to get the old layout back. Anyone who claims they know how is probably lying so they can get reblogs and new followers.