How do i change my photos from tiff to jpeg?

Answer Easiest way is to open them in Paint (under Accessories in Windows) and then save them as the type you need. I do it all of the time. You click on Save As and then the very bottom drop down menu ... Read More »

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How do i convert .tiff photos to .jpg or .jpeg?

.tiff (tagged image format) is for extremely high resolution, and therefore high pixel value; only 'raw' format is higher. Try this nice utility: PIXresizer is a photo resizing program to easily cr... Read More »

Im scanning photos to my computer. how do i want to save them; TIFF, JPEG, PICT, PDF...?

I am going to disagree with most other posters. If you need to use JPEG because you are going to immediately do something like upload them to the internet, use JPEG. Yes, it is the file type most p... Read More »

how do i convert from tiff to jpeg?

if you have any reasonable gaphics software it should be able to do this, if you cannot open it download and instal irfanview, when you have the file open click file/save as and choose j-peg (be ca... Read More »

how to convert pitctures from tiff to jpeg?

No offence Ifranview sucks it changes all the icons to those awful red splats and when you open a folder full of pictures all you see if these splats. you can see the icon here plus how to use Ifra... Read More »