How do i change my computer cursor?

Answer To change windows cursors you have to get cursor files. You can use previously saved default cursor files and sets from drop down menu list on pointers tab.Just go to control panel, open mouse opti... Read More »

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How to Change Your Cursor Without Getting Bad Stuff on Your Computer?

You can change your cursor to adjust the look and feel of your computer's environment. There are many sites out there that offer cool themes and cursors, but installing their software might cause p... Read More »

How do i change a photoshop cursor?

Open Photoshop and create a new file by clicking "File," then "New." Name the file and set your preferred dimensions, then click "OK."Click the "Paint Bucket" tool on the "Tools" palette and hover ... Read More »

How can I change the appearance of my cursor?

There might be some problem with the mouse driver. You have to install mouse driver properly. If it installed before then at first you uninstall it properly then install it again. Hope you can see... Read More »

How do I change cursor color?

Ease of Access CenterTo change the color, as well as size, of the mouse cursor in Windows Vista, you need to first get into the Ease of Access Center. Click the Windows flag in the bottom left corn... Read More »