How do i change my computer cursor?

Answer To change windows cursors you have to get cursor files. You can use previously saved default cursor files and sets from drop down menu list on pointers tab.Just go to control panel, open mouse opti... Read More »

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How to Change Your Cursor Without Getting Bad Stuff on Your Computer?

You can change your cursor to adjust the look and feel of your computer's environment. There are many sites out there that offer cool themes and cursors, but installing their software might cause p... Read More »

How to Change Your Cursor?

This will tell you how to change your cursor.

How to Change a Blog Cursor?

If you run your own blog or website, you probably enjoy setting the appearance of your website to better suit and fit your visitors and their preferences. If editing your website, the design option... Read More »

How to Change the Shape of My Cursor?

Microsoft refers to the mouse cursor as a pointer in some instructions. The Windows operating system software includes default and optional pointers found in the "Cursors" sub folder of the Windows... Read More »