How do i change my arrow mouse to another picture?

Answer there is a cursor site that has a bunch of choices and you can just click on it. cursor crazy or something like that.

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How to Change a Mouse Arrow?

Microsoft Windows includes a large variety of images you can use to change the appearance of your mouse pointer. The pointer can be animated or static, large or small and colorful or plain. You can... Read More »

My pc mouse arrow won't go where I want it to. is the problem likely to be with the mouse or the pc?

Turn the mouse around? Seriously, are you using a mouse with a rubber ball in it? If so it needs cleaning...clean the ball and the rollers or better yet trash it and buy an optical mouse, they are ... Read More »

Where can I find Icons to personalize the arrow on the mouse?

I use CursorFX. They have really creative mouses that run very smoothly. I have a mouse that explodes instead of the boring hourglass.You have to download CursorFX first: Read More »

How to Mount a Picture to Another Picture in a Computer?

Microsoft Windows 7's Paint utility allows you to mount a picture to another picture on your computer. Paint is the default picture editing program on Windows. You can place the two pictures side-b... Read More »