How do i change an a/c compressor?

Answer Air conditioning is difficult to live without in some areas of the country, while in most others it is a nice option to use several times during the heat of the summer. On occasion problems develop... Read More »

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How to Change an AC Compressor?

To the layman, repairing just about anything on an automobile can seem a daunting task best left to the professionals. However, with a little bit of knowledge, a few simple tools, and a willingness... Read More »

How to Change a Car's Air Compressor?

Cars' air conditioning compressors force cool air into the cabin of the car and provide the temperature control we are all more than used to. If that compressor goes bad or there is a failure in th... Read More »

How to Change an AC Compressor on a Lumina?

Changing out the air conditioning compressor on a Chevrolet Lumina may appear daunting upon first impression, but after you take out a few of the daunting obstacles, the first impression fades away... Read More »

How to Change a Trooper AC Compressor?

To change a Trooper air conditioning (AC) compressor, the Freon must be evacuated without releasing it into the atmosphere (there is a major fine if caught). This requires an air conditioning recla... Read More »