How do i change a recorded message on a cell phone?

Answer Change a recorded message on your cell phone by accessing your voice mail system. Some phones have voice mail access from a button on the keypad that has an envelope icon. Other phones must be navi... Read More »

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How do I change the message options on a cell phone?

Cell phones have so many features and options these days that figuring out how to change the outgoing message on your voice mail may not be as straightforward as it once was. You can customize your... Read More »

How do i change the text message tone on my samsung intercept cell phone?

I just found out how to do this! Your phone is not defective. All you need to do is go to contacts and hit the menu button. It should have an option to either import or export. Tap the import/expor... Read More »

Are all cell phone conversations recorded?

No. Federal law requires the consent of at least one of the parties on the line for a phone conversation to be recorded. Twelve states within the United States have extended this law further and re... Read More »

How to Retrieve Message From Another Phone on an LG CU720 Cell Phone?

The LG CU 720 cell phone has touch screen capabilities that allows you to browse the Internet, download songs and videos and call or text your family and friends. Sometimes you may want to send a q... Read More »