How do i change a picture on wikipedia?

Answer It depends on whether you want to change a picture to one that's already uploaded or to one that's not even in the system. If it's already uploaded, all you do is change a bit of text in the articl... Read More »

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How to change someone's picture on Wikipedia?

First, you need to become an "autoconfirmed" user (a user with a registered account at least four days old and with at least ten previous edits). This is but the beginning of the odyssey. By the ti... Read More »

How do you change a picture on Wikipedia?

first you need to create an account if you havent done so already.Then you click on the link on the left side of wikipedia that says upload file.Then when you add a picture use the file name.Ex I c... Read More »

Can someone change a picture on wikipedia for me?

For a picture to get on Wikipedia, it has to be under a free license, that is, the photographer must allow anyone to use it in any way (with the only restrictions that are allowed being that the ph... Read More »

How to change a celebritys picture on Wikipedia?

Make the photo, upload it on Wikipedia, then edit the page of the celebrity.More information at…