How do i care for potato plants?

Answer PlantPlant sprouted potatoes in open soil during the month of March. Protect your potato plants from freezing by watching weather forecasts and staying alert for frost advisories in your area. Cove... Read More »

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Are Potato Plants Ravaged by Potato Bugs Salvageable?

Potato bugs--also known as Colorado potato beetles--are small, black and yellow striped beetles that can do incredible damage to potato plants. According to the University of Kentucky Department of... Read More »

Can tomato plants be placed beside potato plants?

On One Hand: Pests May Feast on BothAccording to Golden Harvest Organics, you should not plant potatoes and tomatoes next to each other. They are members of the nightshade family, and are therefore... Read More »

How do i identify potato plants?

LeavesLook for groups of bushy, dark green, broad leaves that also have smaller "leaflets" on the stem. Potato plants can reach 3 feet tall and their foliage looks similar to tomato plants. Accordi... Read More »

What is the fruit on top of potato plants?

Potato plants occasionally produce a round, green fruit that looks like a small green tomato. They tend to appear on the Yukon Gold variety more than on others. The fruits--and according to Iowa St... Read More »