How do i care for my cowhide rug?

Answer Cowhide rugs are a great addition to any Southwestern-style house. The random grains and colors really pop in any room. Cowhide even makes a great mounted wall decoration. A great advantage to c... Read More »

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How to Sew Cowhide?

The fresh smell of leather and a soft, shiny texture that's pleasing to the touch is an assurance of quality cowhide. You can find cowhide in such home products as pillows, rugs and costumes. Each ... Read More »

Is cowhide leather?

Leather can be made from the skin of many different animals, but cowhide is one of the most common kinds of leather, as the skin is thick and makes strong leather.Source:History for kids: History o... Read More »

What is premium cowhide?

Premium cowhide is a high quality of leather that requires only minimal treatment before and after drying. Premium cowhide is dried with the animal hair still attached, making it a popular and soft... Read More »

Lambskin vs. Cowhide?

Cowhide is one of the most durable types of leather, good for riding the range, wearing as a coat that will take a beating and for motorcycle gear like boots and shoes. Lambskin is soft, supple and... Read More »