How do i care for a rose plant?

Answer Watering and FertilizingWater your rose plant every other day, soaking the soil. Roses need a lot of water. Don't let the soil dry out. Fertilize your rose plant early in the spring, just after the... Read More »

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How do I care for a desert rose plant?

LocationPlace desert rose in a sunny location that receives at least six to eight hours of sunshine. Some afternoon shade is fine in hot climates.Water and FertilizeKeep soil moist, but never wet; ... Read More »

How do i care for a snow rose plant?

Choose a shady or partly shady location for the snow rose plant (Serissa foetida). Some direct sun in the morning is OK. Do not frequently move this plant, which is "fussy" about its location, acco... Read More »

How to Care for Yellow Leaves on a Desert Rose Plant?

The desert rose plant is a succulent that, while being drought tolerant, must be provided adequate water during the summer months. It produces dozens of trumpet-shaped flowers and thrives in bright... Read More »

Plant Care for Lady Banks Rose Bushes?

Lady Banks rose bushes are among the easiest roses to maintain. Pests and diseases don't typically bother them, and they require pruning only to snip back dead blooms or dead wood. The bushes reach... Read More »