How do i care for a holly tree?

Answer Plant WellPlant your holly tree in fertile soil that is well drained and slightly acidic. Choose an area that will not be heavily cultivated, because the root system is susceptible to disruption. M... Read More »

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How do I care for a holly tree in Kentucky?

Select a planting location where the holly will be able to expand its roots as it becomes a treelike shrub. The ideal planting location for holly will be in a partially shaded location rather than ... Read More »

How do i care for a burford holly tree?

PlantingPlant a Burford holly tree in partial to full sun. Add quality, well-draining soil to the planting area. Mix compost into the soil to provide additional nutrients.Watering and FertilizingWa... Read More »

About the Holly Tree?

The holly tree has played a vital role in America's history for many years. Early colonists boiled the tree's pine tops to make a tea for relieving coughs. Holly leaves, with their bright red berri... Read More »

The Holly Tree Fungus?

Holly trees are one of the hardiest of ornamental trees, but under the right conditions they are just as susceptible to fungal infections as any plant. Fungus on holly tree leaves can be caused by ... Read More »