How do i care for a burford holly tree?

Answer PlantingPlant a Burford holly tree in partial to full sun. Add quality, well-draining soil to the planting area. Mix compost into the soil to provide additional nutrients.Watering and FertilizingWa... Read More »

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How to Prune Burford Holly Shrubs?

Burford holly (Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii') is a highly ornamental evergreen shrub, with fragrant white flowers in the spring and red berries in the fall and winter. Hardy to United States Department ... Read More »

How do I plant a dwarf burford holly?

Planting SiteChoose a site that gets full to partial sun for the dwarf burford holly shrub. Choose a site that has enough room--this shrub will grow to a width of 4 to 6 feet.Amend the soil at the ... Read More »

How do i care for a holly tree?

Plant WellPlant your holly tree in fertile soil that is well drained and slightly acidic. Choose an area that will not be heavily cultivated, because the root system is susceptible to disruption. M... Read More »

How do I care for a holly tree in Kentucky?

Select a planting location where the holly will be able to expand its roots as it becomes a treelike shrub. The ideal planting location for holly will be in a partially shaded location rather than ... Read More »