How do i cancel a request i sent on facebook 10 points i swear!!!?

Answer Go to your friend's list and they will have a "Request pendin" thing next to their name. then you just delete them

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Cancel friend request on Facebook?

Actually contrary to what people have been posting and what Facebook states... there is an "indirect" way that you can retract a friend request that you have made. I stumbled upon it purely by acci... Read More »

How to Cancel a Friend Request on Facebook?

Did you "friend" someone on Facebook and immediately regret it? Don't worry. There are numerous ways to "unfriend" someone. Below is the easiest way to cancel your request.

How to unlock request sent in facebook?

i didnt get you. do you want to cancel the friend request? go to the person's timeline or profile you have sent request and click on the "friend request sent" at bottom of the drop down list you wo... Read More »

How to Cancel a Pending Friend Request on Facebook?

It may happen that you accidentally send a friend request on Facebook to a person you don't know, or didn't intend to send one to. Here's how to undo the mistake, if you are fast enough.