How do i camp near rolling thunder?

Answer ElevationMove to low elevation. Lightning takes the quickest route to the ground it can find, so it is always best to avoid mountains, hills, and ridge-tops.CoverMove away from open areas. Do not... Read More »

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What year was the Operation Rolling Thunder?

Operation Rolling Thunder, an aerial bombing campaign conducted during the Vietnam War, began in March 1965 and ended in November 1968. During the operation, 634,000 tons of bombs were dropped in N... Read More »

What is the difference between rolling&clap thunder?

Thunder is the inevitable sound effect of lightning. The specific sound, whether a clap or a roll, depends on the type of lightning bolt and its distance from where you are.ScienceLightning is an e... Read More »

How many bombs were dropped in Operation Rolling Thunder?

Rolling Thunder was the name of the bombing operation during the Vietnam War in 1965. During the many months of bombing, more than 643,000 tons of bombs were dropped and nearly 900 U.S. aircraft we... Read More »

My 15 year old daughter came home from summer camp and I saw in her diary that she had sex with a boy at camp 5 times and now I think she's pregnant what should I do please I need an answer?

Answer: that's something youd wanna ask a professional, like a sex ed counsler or something. i don't have the answer sorry i hope it works out for the best Answer: I believe you should talk to her... Read More »