How to Calm Yourself During an Anxiety Attack?

Answer Racing heart, nausea, upset stomach, and tremors are just a few things you can experience during an anxiety attack. This article will list some techniques you can use to calm yourself down.

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Ways to help calm down with anxiety ?

I used to get really bad anxiety when I was younger, for me I just used to like pinch myself really hard or like scratch my thighs haha I know it sounds kinda weird but it helped me not feel so str... Read More »

Ways to calm anxiety attacks?

For me, going on a walk has always helped best. I usually have an attack hit me if I'm confined in my apartment for too long, but as soon as I hit the street and connect with nature, I immediately ... Read More »

Anyone here use Fish Oil (Omega 3's) for calm effects, for anxiety And how much?

I do; it works okay. Helps to keep my good cholesterol in check.

How to cure anxiety without medication (anxiety that is built by nothing)?

I used to have the same issues as you described. It sounds like you suffer from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I would worry and dwell about the dumbest things, and built my mind up with the "... Read More »