How do i calculate resistors?

Answer Divide the voltage across the circuit by the current running through it, to calculate the resistance of a circuit. For instance, the single resistor in a circuit, with a 9 V power supply and 0.5 A ... Read More »

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How do I calculate parallel resistors?

Inverting Resistor ValuesInvert the Ohm value of each individual resistor. For instance, if you have three parallel resistors that are 2, 4, and 5 Ohms, inverted they would become 1/2, 1/4, and 1/5... Read More »

How do I calculate resistors in a circuit?

Divide the voltage across a resistor by the current passing through it to calculate the strength of the resistor. For instance, consider a resistor in a circuit with a 1 Volt power supply with 0.5 ... Read More »

How do I calculate resistors in a triangle?

Pick CornersPick two corners of the three-cornered triangle across that you will be measuring. If you connect three resistors into a triangle, you end up with three end points, which are the tips o... Read More »

How do i calculate heat dissipated by resistors?

Current CalculationTake the current flowing through the resistor in amperes, square that number and multiply the result by the resistor's value in ohms. This gives you the amount of heat the resist... Read More »