How do i calculate interest-only payments?

Answer Find the Periodic RateConvert the annual percentage to a periodic rate by dividing by the number of payments per year. For example, if you make monthly payments and your annual interest rate is 9 p... Read More »

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How to Calculate Interest Payments?

The interest on a mortgage, personal loan or other unsecured obligation can quickly add up to a major expense for most consumers. Being able to calculate the amount of interest you will pay can hel... Read More »

How to Calculate Yearly Interest Payments?

When people take out loans, they usually must pay back more than the value of the loan in the form of interest. Each time a person makes a monthly payment on a loan, part of the payment goes toward... Read More »

How do I calculate compound interest payments?

The FormulaCalculate your compound interest payments by using the following formula: A = P ( 1 + r / n) ^ n*t, whereas "A" stands for the total amount, "P" for the principal or your original deposi... Read More »

How do i calculate principal&interest payments?

Use an online mortgage calculator (see Resources). Enter the amount of your loan, the term (in months or years), your interest rate and (sometimes) the beginning date for the loan. Click on "Calcu... Read More »