How do i calculate employee taxes?

Answer FederalCalculate the federal income tax. Use Internal Revenue Service Publication 15 (Circular E) for the tax year you are computing, and the employee's Form W-4 to figure the withholding. The fede... Read More »

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Is my babysitter my employee on taxes?

A babysitter is considered an employee on the taxes of the individual she works for. According to the IRS, as long as an individual controls what work the babysitter does and how it is done, regard... Read More »

Employee Tuition Reimbursement & Taxes?

If you're lucky enough to have a job with an employer that is will to help you increase your education, it's well worth the time and effort to take advantage of the opportunity. There are still man... Read More »

How Do I Withhold Colorado State Employee Taxes?

As an employer, you are required to withhold federal payroll taxes from your employees' paychecks. The IRS determines the withholding procedure for federal income tax. You withhold Social Security ... Read More »

How to Deduct Taxes From Employee Wages?

The withholding taxes that employers are legally required to deduct from employee wages help to fund national and state programs. Federal income tax, Medicare tax and Social Security tax provide fu... Read More »