How do i burn a cd for free?

Answer Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW into your CD-burning drive. Close the drive and wait for windows to discover the blank disk. A window will pop up, choose "Open a Writable CD Folder Using Windows Explo... Read More »

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How to Burn AVI to DVD for Free?

AVI files are uncompressed or low compressed video files. Burning an AVI file to a DVD, so it plays on most stand-alone DVD players, requires converting it to the MPEG 2 format. Fortunately, free s... Read More »

How do I burn an ISO image for free?

Download FreewareDownload an ISO Recorder tool. There are a number of freeware recorders available such as Gear ISO Burn, ISO Recorder V2, Active@ ISO Burner or ISO CD Burner (see "Resources").Bur... Read More »

How do I burn AVI files to DVD for free?

SoftwareDownload authorized software that is offered for free from a known downloading website such as Cnet, and that is capable of converting, and burning .avi files to proper DVD format. Most com... Read More »

How to Burn Free Music?

If you ever download free music, chances are it's for a purpose. Whether you need a mix for the car or a gift to a loved one, this is the article for you.