How do i build an overhead grape vine arbor?

Answer Grape vines have been a part of human society since ancient Greek and Roman times. Although they have a reputation for being fussy, grapes are actually easy to grow under the right conditions. One ... Read More »

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How to Build and Design a Grape Arbor Arch Trellis?

A grape arbor trellis provides many benefits to your landscape, whether it's a focal point, an entryway or a beautiful way to save space while growing grapes. When designing your grape arbor trelli... Read More »

Directions for Building a Grape Arbor?

An old-fashioned grape arbor makes a fragrant and efficient addition to your garden. Although training grapes to an arbor requires a little more effort than simply growing them along wire trellises... Read More »

How do I fertilize a grape vine?

Fertilizing RequirementsTesting the soil that the grapes are growing in will determine the soil conditions. The local cooperative extension service can provide testing, which will determine if fert... Read More »

Can you replant a grape vine?

Replanting grape vines is not recommended. There are several issues with replanting grape vines. First, it is easy to damage the roots in grape vines that have been taken out of the ground. Second,... Read More »