How do i build a usb wifi internet antenna?

Answer There are several popular DIY projects that can easily extend wifi reach to public hot spots and wifi networks. All involve enhancing the reception capability of radio frequencies within the the 2.... Read More »

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How to Build a WiFi Antenna to Receive the Internet?

A wireless network increases the flexibility and usefulness of all your computers. File sharing, printers/peripherals sharing, Internet connection sharing, multiplayer ability, Internet telephony, ... Read More »

How do i build a wifi usb antenna?

Many older computers do not have wireless devices built into them and must rely on such external wireless devices as USB Wi-Fi adapters to make a wireless connection. Unfortunately, these devices t... Read More »

How to Build a WiFi Yagi Antenna?

Yagi antennas have been used since the heyday of radio. The reason they are still in use is Wi-Fi signals also are radio waves. Any signal sent over radio frequencies can be received freely through... Read More »

How to Build a Low Cost WiFi Antenna?

Sometimes, your WiFi signal just doesn't reach where you want it to reach. You've seen wireless adapters at the store, but they can cost a lot more than you want to spend. We'll show you a way to b... Read More »