How do i build a fireplace heat exchanger?

Answer Most states now ban the old-fashioned style of hearth fireplace in new construction and remodeling because it sends more heat up the chimney than into the room. One way to partially reverse that he... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger can keep your home or business cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But if you plan to install one of these units it is a good idea to develop some basic troubleshooting skil... Read More »

What is a heat exchanger in a furnace?

A heat exchanger transfers heat from the inside of a furnace to the surrounding air to warm a home. Because the heat exchanger contains combustible gases, a defective unit usually requires replacem... Read More »

How to Clean a Marine Heat Exchanger?

A marine heat exchanger, also known as a "keel cooler," serves the same purpose as the radiator of an automobile. The biggest difference is, while a car's radiator dissipates the heat generated by ... Read More »

How Does a Heat Exchanger in a Gas Furnace Work?

Gas furnaces are known for their safety and longevity. However, heat exchanger problems do have the potential for products of combustion to leak into conditioned, occupied space via air ducts. ... Read More »