How do i break it to my parents that im pregnant?

Answer there is no easy way - either they find out from the symptoms (morning sickness, growing belly etc) or you tell them

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How can you break it to your parents that you're pregnant and have a healthy baby if you're 14?

Answer I would just say mom and dad I have to talk to you, I'm very sorry to tell you this and your probably going to be very disappointed in me, but I'm pregnant. Then to have a healthy baby just ... Read More »

My doctor told me that I have a parasite living inside me, how I break news to my parents that I am pregnant?

You aren't pregnant you nincompoop. You're just constipated... Geez, Stooge. You have to have sexual relations to be fertilized.

If you are 14 and pregnant can your parents or the father's parents make you give the baby up for adoption when it is born?

No, however your parents could place you into state foster care if you don't. Note that accord to the DOJ study, "Murder in Families", children raised by young mother are at the greatest danger of ... Read More »

Is there an exception for government assistance for a couple who are both 17-years-old and pregnant when there is no room for them at either parents' home and their parents do not want them?

Answer I was 16 when I found out I was pregnant. I know it is hard. I guess my first thing is are you sure you are ready to live with the babies father?? It is really hard on a young couple with a... Read More »