How do i brase llamas at a medium temprature?

Answer You need to sear the meat, then add some liquid and let it simmer (covered) until it is done.

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What is the average temprature in the tundra?

The tundra is the coldest of the biomes and comes in two types: alpine and Arctic. The alpine tundra is located above the tree line of any mountain worldwide. Here, the average nighttime temperatur... Read More »

Can I take a bottle of breast milk out of the refrigerator& leave it at room temprature?

Breast milk that has been refrigerated may be left at room temperature for feeding, provided care is taken to make sure the milk has not gone bad, or sour, while refrigerated. Storage times vary de... Read More »

Can i take a bottle of breast milk out of the refrigerator&leave it at room temprature?

After removing breast milk from the refrigerator, use it as soon as possible to prevent bacteria growth. Dr. Sears, a pediatrician and child health expert, recommends discarding the milk if its not... Read More »

What is the episode of medium at least i thinks it medium where Allison is afraid about the friendship between one of her daughters and a boy whose mum killed a cop that tried to rape her?

He told Alicia that he thought she made the right decision to stay with and back her husband.