How do i box a tablecloth?

Answer A tablecloth provides a simple way to change the look of a table. Your style options are limited only by the number of tablecloths you own. Whether you own one tablecloth or a dozen, the way you ha... Read More »

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How do I get wax off a tablecloth?

Wax RemovalPlace the tablecloth in your freezer for and hour or two, until the wax hardens. Gently scrape the frozen wax from the fabric with a spatula. Hold the spatula at an angle and avoid press... Read More »

How to Get Wax Off a Tablecloth?

There is no doubt that candles add a lot to a centerpiece, but sometimes they drip wax and make a mess on your tablecloth. Although your first thought may be to throw the tablecloth away, removing ... Read More »

How to Measure for a Tablecloth?

If a tablecloth hangs too low, or doesn't hang low enough, it will look as though it does not fit the table it covers. To avoid this, a simple calculation before purchasing a tablecloth can be made... Read More »

How to Gather a Tablecloth?

Because there are so many options available, it can be hard to decide which type of tablecloth is appropriate for your occasion. Since a gathered tablecloth can add interest and a personalized touc... Read More »