How do i boot from usb memory stick?

Answer Insert your USB stick into a USB slot on the computer while the computer is off. Turn the computer on, and when you see the manufacturers screen, hit a key to go into the BIOS. This key varies from... Read More »

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Is there program that can make a 32mb memory stick into a 1gb memory stick is it possible?

No more than there is a program that will change a Ford Focus into a Ferrari Enzo...

How to Copy Photos From the Internal Memory to a Memory Stick on a Sony W80?

The Sony W80 is a 7 megapixel digital camera with optical zoom. It has a built-in memory capacity of 31 MB and also supports an external memory card. Transferring files from your camera requires a ... Read More »

I put a new memory stick im my samsung digital-cam and it said memory stick error. Please help!!?

I'm sure you can find the instructions on Samsung's web site. Most products these days, they scan the instructions and make them available in the form of PDFs.Most likely, there is a maximum size ... Read More »

How to Copy Photos From the Internal Memory to a Memory Stick?

A USB memory stick is a portable media storage drive that allows you to carry your files and photos anywhere. Most computers will allow you to connect the memory stick to a USB drive. Any photos st... Read More »