How do i become a singer in serbia?

Answer Generally speaking, becoming a singer in Serbia is no different than becoming a singer anywhere else in the world. You need a good voice, talent, a bit of luck and most importantly--to believe in y... Read More »

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Do I need a visa for Serbia?

All American citizens do not need a visa to visit Serbia for stays less than 90 days. American citizens will be required to file for a visa for longer stays, or if they plan on working or studying ... Read More »

Where is Serbia on a world map?

Serbia is an independent country that was once a part of the former country of Yugoslavia. It is in southeast Europe. It is landlocked and is bordered by Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosni... Read More »

Does Serbia stamp passports?

Serbia immigration officials will stamp your passport when you arrive in Serbia. It is important that they do this, as the stamp indicates that you entered Serbia legally. The only problem that you... Read More »

How I can sign up for escape from scorpion island if I am from Serbia?

Um.... Sorry i don't think you can sign up if you're from Serbia.