How do i become a self-employed assistive technology practitioner?

Answer An assistive technology practitioner organizes and sets up technology in offices, schools and homes for people who are disabled and need special equipment to perform everyday tasks. Although some ... Read More »

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What is assistive technology?

Assistive technologies help people with disabilities perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for them. People use the technologies as they go through their day, whether at hom... Read More »

Assistive Technology & Schools?

The use of technology is benefiting students worldwide. With laptops, interactive whiteboards and presentation software, teachers are using computers and devices to create teaching materials, conv... Read More »

How to Use Assistive Technology in Classrooms?

Assistive technologies are tools and devices that increase a student's ability and bypass or compensate for a disability. These devices can be low-tech, like a magnifying glass, or high-tech, like ... Read More »

How do i become an assistive technology consultant?

An assistive technology consultant is a person who helps organizations integrate technology for disabled people. Some of this technology is for hearing or vision impaired people who otherwise would... Read More »