How do i become a section eight land lord?

Answer Find the Right TennantsAdvertise your property for rent and screen all tenants as you would in any landlord-tenant situation. Check the potential tenant's appearance, credit history and background.... Read More »

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Land lord sprayed bug spray in oven.?

no it wont blow up . that stuff is water based .cleaning it is your choice . but i would heat the oven to 450 for 15 minutes to burn off any pesticidesinside the oven before you cook in it . do... Read More »

Just to ask can a land lord kick someone out if they have paid rent and the month is not over?

If the rent is paid, she can't do that. The only time a 3 day notice can be used is when rent is past due. Even then some states don't allow a 3 day pay or quit option, the landlord most go throu... Read More »

Curious why so many people post their cell phone questions in the land line section?

Because Y!A offers suggestions based on keywords. When you ask about PHONE, the first suggestion is Land Phones. You have to ask about CELL PHONE to get Cell Phones and Plans as the first suggest... Read More »

Can a neighbor use a section of your land to grow potted plants on for 5 yrs will she be able to claim squatters rights JayneFlorida?

In general, a person claiming "adverse possession" must prove that the use was hostile, as if it would trigger your obligation to evict the person from your property. If she thought she had permiss... Read More »