How do i become a primary school teacher?

Answer Elementary schoolteachers instruct children from kindergarten until they move to middle school. You will teach subjects such as reading, writing and math and help your students prepare for tougher ... Read More »

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How to Stop Getting Emotional at Primary School when You Get Yelled at by a Strict Teacher?

We all have one of those strict, mean teachers in Primary. So what do we do to stop crying in front of everyone when you get yelled at? Find out.

What does being a pre-school teacher, kindergarten, grade prep teacher.... involve...?

Work very hard for not very much $$. Unless you really love kids and are very patient and have tons of energy, and like dealing with ignorant belligerent parents and lots of confusing campus, dist... Read More »

Motivation to Become a Primary Teacher?

Teaching has a reputation as "the noblest of all professions," but elementary (or primary) school teaching has neither the money nor the prestige alone to fully motivate the teacher, according to e... Read More »

Reasons for Becoming a Primary Teacher?

Primary school teachers teach children in kindergarten through the sixth grade. These teachers generally enter the profession for a variety of reasons. However, the best primary school teachers hav... Read More »