What is easier to became a Navy pilot or an Air Force pilot?

Answer It of course depends on who you ask, but in general, training for Naval Aviators is more difficult than it is for Air Force pilots. The primary difference is that AF pilots don't have to train to l... Read More »

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Is the force of an aeroplane nose diving bigger than the force of the pilot pushing the stick?

Do you have to go to college at Air Force to be an Air Force pilot?

Yes. You must be a officer to fly and that means you can join during collage or after? No. You do not have to attend college at the Air Force Academy to be an Air Force Pilot.

How does an air Force pilot name his Jet?

the letters indicate the type of missiona-attackc-cargof-fighterb-bomberthe number indicates the modelas far as the nicknames, it all depends on the opinion of the pilotsi.e., a-10 pilots named it ... Read More »

What does an Air Force Pilot do?

you can choose:AttackA-10, AC-130BomberB-52H, B-1B, B-2ElectronicwarfareE-3, E-8, EC-130, EC-135FighterF-15C, F-15E, F-16, F-22HelicopterUH-1N, HH-60ReconnaissanceU-2, RC-135, RQ-4, RQ-1TrainerT-6,... Read More »